About Us

Who are we


We are a small independent family run brand based in Warwickshire.  We print and embroider everything ourselves with a team of amazing people who help us bring the brand to life.

We have recently made the move to 100% Organic cotton and recycled polyester.  We favour organic or recycled materials that care for your skin and the environment. From the garments we print on, the twine and recycled cardboard hang tags to the recyclable mailing bags we use to ship our products to you. Underpinning everything we do and believe in as a family we bring into our business.

We believe in looking after the world we run and ride in.


Matt is a committed club rider who has taken part in a number of events, including some with hills and everything! He is a collector of vintage 90's MTB parts which he likes to assemble into something that vaguely resembles a bike and owner of retro classic BMX's including a 1979 Mongoose.



Jodie loves to spin (a true fair-weather rider) and run.  She rides with the children around nearby parks and pretty big lakes, but spinning her legs to a great sound track is more her jam.

Together we ride, we run, we dance like idiots in the kitchen, we have four amazing children - who often roll their eyes at all of the aforementioned!. 

We have fun and we work hard, what more can we do...

In 2019 we took the decision to change our name - our brand is so much more than T-shirts and we wanted the name and the plans we have for the future to reflect this.  In a time in our world where socia-media craziness and busy lives take over, we believe that being on a bike silences everything for just a little while.  Take in the view, push your body to conquer the climb, feel the exhilaration of the descent, enjoy the healthy competition, revel in the coffee and cake consumed while you chat with friends over the next challenge you're booking, punctures, drama's, falls and wins.
Simply - Finding Solace in the Saddle...